“Spider-man: Homecoming” or: Training Wheels Protocol

Seems to be that this 2017 is all about social correctness, globalization and include all the races, colors, body shape, stereotypes (Like this one)… but this one makes it better, more smoothly, more daily life. This is a great movie. The major topic is not about that, actually is kind of blurred and seems to be no major topic, but I will tell that is: a good training to learn a new lifestyle.


We see this in Peter Parker because we don’t have that part of the story about how to fight for the underdog or any victim, based on the guilty about Uncle Ben’s death. There’s no common “Path of the hero” here. There’s kind of a sequel of a kid that is a hero, but wants to be a major hero now. So he’s on a “Training Wheels Protocol”, “Internship”, “Heroism for dummies”. He needs to learn this new lifestyle but he also needs to learn how to be a good student, a good boyfriend, a good friend, etc. A teenage mix.

The Vulture…OK, no. This is Michael Keaton in “Birdman or The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance” (2014)

Also there’s The Vulture. This villain was just a citizen trying to give a good livelihood to her family. However, the life gives him a lesson that he will not forget: “Le grand poisson mange le petit”. So, he need to improve the business joining the deception about the economic system and the revenge with big corporations. Resulting: a middle-size crime boss (The Kingpin is the big one).

Baby steps for both characters seeking glory. Both kind of accomplished their goal in the end, but they refuse and back to “Training Wheels Protocol”. Stay in school, kids.



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