“House of Cards / Claire Underwood” or: Real Empowerment of Women


landscape-1495014389-house-cards-claire-underwood-season-5-teaser“House of Cards” is in the 5th season and there’s a topic of interest: women empowerment. “Claire Underwood” is the female main character in the series and she’s gaining ground.



Frank Underwood’s wife is gaining power. The character is almost all the seasons being the sidekick of Frank. She is a support character that gave Frank initial money by the campaign, a soft speech for manipulation and even stimulates part of the reckless attitude.


house-cards-pic33dfIn the beginning, she runs a non-governmental organization, later she become Second Lady of the United States. She then becomes U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations and First Lady of the U.S. in seasons three to five. Acting President of the U.S. briefly in season five before becoming Vice President of the U.S. and then permanently President of the United States at the end of the season.

Frank do almost all the dirty work. He’s the face. He takes the decisions an Claire is always behind.  Slowly in the series she’s taking power by movements of Frank. She confronts her fears and being a woman in a world of men.

In the series, she came to a ceremony and the duty made her confronts to her rapist. We see the character confronting a very difficult situation with such stoicism that even Frank gets mad about it and Claire clams him. She now demonstrates how strong she could be. And after this event, the power and influence seem to increase due to the media and the women support. Even Frank start to think about the idea of being replace by her. And a silence fight starts.

Frank’s nightmare

In this time, we see a strong movie idols like Wonder Woman being powerful, idealistic, beautiful, but innocent, working inside the men system and kind of… dumb. But Claire is not that kind of woman. Claire is fragile but only in the outside, she is knowing the power that money and manipulation can give, she starts to use the media in her favor, she can handle an international situation by herself, etc. This kind of attitude must give you enemies and now she must to find real independence of Frank, of the men’s world. And with that final declaration, she is going to achieve that goal:



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