“The Circle” or: Age of Information / Social Media

Knowing is good. Knowing everything is better

“Secrets are lies”

Everyone want to know things and everyone have secrets. Even Freud say that the self repression, to keep things, lead to good society construction. But some things… really? I mean, I really, really don’t want to know if my cousin in Denmark is eating a hamburger and certainly don’t want to know the quotes of my aunt with a Tweety image. Sometimes, secrets are just components of humanity in the flux of information.


“Sharing is caring”

1984-by-opallynn-d4lnuohThe film narrates the event that saves the protagonist’s life after an accident, product of breaking the law. The new vigilance system and social media helps to locate her. Also it develops in a system that locates people around the world (from must-wanted to a missing friend). I’m a person that constantly answer WhatsApp messages but sometimes I run out of battery. So, my family and friends starts to search me in a very similar way of the movie. I know , I know I’m a very bad human and I must to text my ubication but I don’t like it. The bright side is that it might help in this kind of situation but, what if it is used to stalk people? Imagine that one company could have your entire information (cough cough google). Like Big Brother in “1984”. Orwellian, right?

“Privacy is theft”

The constant information about the private life of celebrities and politicians is kind of… useless, but it sells papers and gives clicks. It don’t have real repercussions in their works. Maybe I don’t really care about the Kardashians except that my brain force me to search the next gossip. Social media give us this but about the person right next to you (let’s face it, you are maybe just as interesting but you are not famous).

“Becoming transparent”

We all naturally have this compulsive thing of search information. Yesterday I was watching “American Gods” on my laptop screen and I just google about an Slavic god at the same time on my smart phone, I could just wait but I needed in that moment. This is the new era, the era of “I NEED IT RIGHT NOW”. This behavior reminds addiction and is because…it is an addiction.

If I post something on Facebook, I will receive “Likes” or reactions. Thats make me feel good. Someone likes the picture of my cat or someone likes my critic to that movie. “So good!”. Later I keep scrolling on my feed. “Great picture, Like. Great status, Like. Wow, awesome video, Like. Hahaha, cat videos. LIKE!”. Constant new information. We are addicts to that. Some people experience “phantom smartphone buzzing,” which tricks our brains into thinking our phone is vibrating when it isn’t. The dopamine in our brains is in charge of mechanisms of compensation, it is triggered with new experiences and addictive behavior.


We need to embrace the idea that the constant search, passive consuming and sharing of information might be an addiction. Listen actively to the people, silence the phone, take a walk outdoors, look people at their eyes, express yourself with art and if you feel better… take a selfie and posted on Facebook, it will get a lot of Likes! 😛

Knowing is good. Knowing everything is… better?

Do you agree with the movie?

Do you consider that you have an addiction to social media?

What do you do to avoid to get addicted to social media?


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