“Irréversible” or: The rape culture


This recent times have came with an specific topic about machism and feminism: rape. Anybody can be or has being in this situation, but the society does not know how to react.  Sure, everyone knows that rape is a bad thing, a felony and hurts people, but we see this with such a normality that blurs consciousness with indifference. The president Trump popularizing the “pussy grabbing” and a rich boy in Mexico whose defense argues “he did not feel pleasure” at the moment of rape, are just examples.

   “Irréversible” (2002) is a French movie with a non-linear narrative that explores the vast violence of the human being. The film show us  the chase of Marcus and his friend after the man that rapes Alex (Monica Bellucci), his fiancé.  The main scene is a 9 minute long, single and unbroken shot of rape and sodomy. This grotesque and graphic scene reminds us the rape in “Thirteen Reasons Why“. Grotesque and graphic rape scene.



   Other movie that reflects the reality is the saga “Millennium” (trilogy, 2009). The novels about crimes against womens in Sweden, this increase in the sexual harassment against women has being real (photo). The journalist Mikael Blomkvist, with help of hacker Lisbeth Salander, is investigating those rapes and murders. The saga show male characters that constantly harass Lisbeth and even perform violent acts against her. But Lisbeth is the hero and she will get revenge upon the criminals. This also have grotesque and graphic rape scenes.

Sweden and Denmark are the countries with the highest rates of sexual harassment in the EU (2016)

   Grotesque and graphic. Those kind of scenes makes difficult to watch… and thats the purpose. This should be taken more seriously because it happens in real life, not just in cinema. If you have a mother, a sister, a friend, a girlfriend, this must make you angry. I hope nobody gets in those situations but men and women, the society, needs to rise our voice and our fist (in some cases) against any person or institution that perform violence against women. Each of us can be like Lisbeth, who fight for the freedom of women. Each of us can have the power to change the world.


What do you think about rape culture?

Have you ever being victim of sexual harassment?

Do you have a story about defense of a woman?


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