“Power Rangers” or: The Normalization of Stereotypes

In the recent film, characters with stereotypes or difficult situations have been presented, I believe in favor of the identification of the audience with the characters.


The Blue Power Ranger / Billy Cranston is a teenage African-American character on the autistic spectrum and with obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)…. I think they overloaded him, but it works. It includes a joke by the Black Power Ranger (with Asian ancestry), to make it even more obvious, he says “Hey, I’m black!”, to which Billy replies “No, that’s not true”, referencing his skin color .

Likewise, the Yellow Power Ranger / Trini, is a teenager who, a dialogue in the film suggests that she is homosexual. In one of the statements, the staff of the film has confirmed it. Neither character is shown as the stereotypes that are usually used, both are two people who live their life no matter that, even in these times and with these characteristics, are seen with disdain or condescension. The only time the other characters show contempt for the characteristics of these character is when the Red Power Ranger defends him from a bully (See “13 Reasons Why”)

The movie show us these characters with a certain indifference. “They are not stereotypes like always but… GET USED TO IT!”

As for the film in general, it is good movie (not excellent) and does a good job by appealing to the nostalgia that we have for the old series.

What did you think about the film?

What do you think about the new vision of the normalization of stereotypes?


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